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Helicopters in Industry

As each new breakthrough surpasses the last and we continue our pursuit of innovations that will make things even better, faster, many of our various older feats of mechanical genius seem to be forgotten.

For example, helicopters, to some, are such an everyday sight these days that we pay them no heed as they fly by us. The helicopters we see are, more often than not, police or emergency services helicopters, keeping an eye on things from up in the air, or bringing us up to speed on the state of the roads below as we brave the morning rush traffic to work.

But the number of ways in which these remarkable machines contribute to the speed with which our world’s demands are met is nothing less than astonishing, if you really think about it. Here are a few examples:

Mining Exploration

Helicopters are excellent for accessing various different types of terrain quickly and without too much difficulty, and thus eliminate long, costly mining survey projects. They can be used for a variety of services to the mining industry, including geophysical surveys, aerial surveys, LIDAR, aerial mapping, thermal scanning and various others.

Power Line Work

Power line construction and live line maintenance, power line inspections and insulator washing are all done quickly and with the minimum interruption to power supply when using helicopters.

Air Cranes

Their excellent manoeuvrability makes helicopters particularly well suited to the construction industry, as they can be used to hoist large, heavy machinery and components vertically and to far greater heights than what cranes could reach. If you’ve ever wondered how all those ridiculously tall high-rise buildings we read about are kitted out with their state-of-the-art air conditioning and various other systems and finishes, wonder no more. Helicopter assisted construction is one of the ways in which legendary, sky-scraping landmarks are made possible.

Medical Evacuations

Countless lives have been saved over the years thanks to the speed with which trauma victims are able to be reached and transported by helicopter, ensuring that they receive immediate care.

Other industries in which helicopters have proved a highly effective and efficient option include telecommunications, aerial photography and cinematography and fire fighting.

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