Aerial Live Line Work

In partnership with our sister company Elektra Sky, we provide services for the repair, maintenance and upgrade of High Voltage overhead (HVOH) power lines. Elektra Sky provides highly skilled and experienced linesmen specialized in working under energized conditions on transmission lines ranging from 132kV to 765kV.

In consultation with Elektra Sky, we identify the best technique to suit each application with an aim to providing cost effective solutions in the safest way and in the shortest possible time.

The most common techniques include suspension (underslung / external load) and the helicopter platform mounted method, both of which are used extensively by prominent helicopter utility operators worldwide.

Aerial live work is suitable for all repairs and/or replacement of hardware on mid-span conductors, earth wires and towers including:

  • Spacer replacements
  • Repair sleeves
  • Full tension joints
  • Cleaning of jumper flags to eliminate hot connections
  • Repositioning or replacing vibration dampers
  • Repairing or replacing tower hardware
  • Shunt splices
  • Installing air spoilers
  • Replacing insulators (suspension/strain towers; DC and AC lines; single or double circuit; single or bundle conductors; vertical, delta or horizontal configurations)

Benefits of Aerial Live Line Work

  • Production is significantly faster than conventional methods
  • All work is carried out under energized conditions thus eliminating any disruption of services
  • Economies of scale provide exponential improvement in network quality of supply
  • A less labour-intensive method for live preventative maintenance and repairs
  • A solution to conducting work in areas that are inaccessible by road or on foot
  • Application of world-best safety practices ensures that the customer's power line integrity is in no way compromised.

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