Insulator Washing

Insulator washing is the procedure by which insulators on power lines are washed with water to prevent flashovers, blackouts, energy losses and potential damage to equipment caused by environmental pollution. This procedure is carried out under energized conditions and in the past, was done from the ground. However, this was found to be both time consuming and ineffective and aerial insulator washing using helicopters has since been adopted with great success.

Our System

  • Suitable under energized conditions for all power lines from 88kV up to 765kV
  • Crew compiled of one pilot and one boom operator
  • Pump capable of operating at an adjustable pressure of up to 140 Bar and a flow rate of up to 41 litres per minute
  • Boom equipped with adjustable and angled nozzles
  • Effective spraying distance of up to 4 meters from the nozzle
  • Belly mounted water reservoir accommodating 700 litres of water

We can wash as many as 600 insulator strings per day, depending on prevailing weather conditions and other external influences.

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