Power Line Assessments

Ongoing commercial and industrial development creates an increased demand for power, however it also drastically reduces the availability of land for servitudes. For this reason, electric utility providers are focusing on pre-emptive maintenance and upgrading of existing power lines to meet this need. In order to plan maintenance and upgrades, it is essential that the utility provider has a comprehensive understanding of the current condition of all the lines within their network.

Aerial line assessments enable us to complete up to 500Km per week, depending on prevailing conditions. We make use our multi-tasking helicopter platform with a 4-axis active gyro stabilized camera platform slaved to GPS. Our pilots have extensive experience in flying along power lines and are able to fly low and slow, or even hover above a particular tower. Experienced linesman, provided by our sister company Elektra Sky, visually assess the line and hardware to identify and record any anomalies or defects.

Our comprehensive Power Line Assessment Report includes the following outputs:

  • High Definition (HD) wide angle video of the entire servitude
  • Radiometric thermal images and readings showing heat patterns and thermal anomalies
  • UV Report showing Corona count where applicable.
  • High Resolution still digital imagery of every tower, all hardware and any anomalies or defects
  • Google Earth file (kmz) accurately mapping the entire line according to GPS Co-ordinates
  • Summary of the entire line in terms of type and number of defects, prioritized for maintenance or repairs, and recommendations for repairing and/or upgrading the line

Same day feedback is provided to the customer for priority defects, allowing these to be attended to immediately in order to prevent future breakdowns.

All reports are provided in both hard and soft copy (2 copies each) and a presentation is prepared highlighting critical findings and summarizing our recommendations.

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