Power Line Construction

Due ot comercial demands on land, new power lines are often constructed in inaccessible terrain. Compounding this challenge are environmental restrictions that prevent or prohibit the construction of servitude roads that are needed during the construction process. For these reasons, there is a growing need for helicopter assistance in the construction of these lines.

Helicopters have been successfully used in delivering concrete to foundations, erection of lattice steel towers, stringing of power lines and passenger transport.

Concrete Foundations

Our purpose designed chutes are capable of delivering up to 1m3 of concrete and are used to deliver concrete directly to the foundations where the site is inaccessible to concrete mixers. Typical production speeds are illustrated in the following scenario:

  • Helicopter Type: AS 350 B3
  • Distance between concrete mixer and foundation: 1 Km
  • Altitude: Sea Level
  • Average Day Temperature: 22°C
  • Concrete Moved: 36m³ (6m x 6m³ concrete mixers)
  • Flight Time: 2 hours 25 minutes

Lattice Steel Tower Erection

Sling load operations require a high level of experience and expertise, not only from the pilot but also from the ground support team. Using highly skilled pilots with the ability to hover with pinpoint accuracy, we have developed techniques to perform aerial assembly of steel structures on site where it is not possible to pre-assemble the towers.


We use two types of stringing techniques. In both cases, we lay lead wire directly into purpose designed pulleys which are pre-installed on the tower structure.
With the suspension frame technique, a remote-controlled braking mechanism is used so that the pilot is in total control of the speed of the reel, thus preventing overruns. As the rigs are designed for rapid interchange, little time is lost once a reel comes to its end.

The alternative technique involves pulling the lead line directly from the reels. The reels are installed on elevator cradles with braking systems to prevent overruns and are controlled by a ground operator.

Our stringing rigs are fully collapsible, enabling us to transport the rigs with the helicopter during deployment.

Speeds of up to 250 meters per minute and single pulls of up to 5Km can be achieved.

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