Quality Management

Policy Statement

We, Chopper Worx (Pty) Ltd. Management and Personnel, have accepted responsibility and committed oursevles to implementing and maintaining a cost-effective Quality Management System to ensure that we consistently meet and/or exceed all customers' expectations. We are therefore committed to the following:

  • To provide customers with a high level of confidence by being the preferred supplier to carry out all tasks within prescribed scope of works and prescribed aerial utility support.
  • To ensure that customer satisfaction is obtained by continual system improvement and to meet all contractual requirements agreed upon between us and our customers.
  • To improve communication and develop effective co-ordination throughout our organization.
  • To increase quality awareness within the organization and to encourage all staff to apply the principles of total management at all times.
  • To contribute to and achieve the profit and strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • To continuously strive to achieve internationally recognized standards.
  • To maintain the highest safety standards throughout the organization and striving to maintain a zero incident rate.
  • To provide high quality, cost effective training to the industry and continuously improve our products based on feedback and new information.
  • To ensure on-going commitment to comply with the latest ISO requirements, industry related national and/or international specifications and any other relevant standards that may be applicable within our industry, as and when required by our customers, as well as continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

The organization's management is responsible and accountable for quality and effeciency within their departments and must be iin agreement on the proper extent of the functions to be established within each operation. Through the leadership of our top management, we ensure that all our employees become responsible for quality. We acknowledge that only through our personnel's participation we will be able to achieve our objectives. 

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