Policy Statement

At Chopper Worx (Pty) Ltd. we recognize the importance of establishing sound ecological practices to minimize any possible adverse effects that our business operations could impose upon the environment.

In striving to meet these goals, Chopper Worx will:

  • Endeavour to develop and maintain an understanding of the environmental issues raised by our operations.
  • Whenever feasible, we will encourage the conservation of renewable and non-renewable resources and energy.
  • Encourage the reduction of waste generated by our operations, especially hazardous types of waste and whenever practical, encourage the recycling of materials.
  • Make every effort to minimize the environmental, health and safety risks to our employees and to the communities in which we operate.
  • Make every effort to comply with government regulations and deal with public authorities in a co-operative and open manner.
  • Conduct periodic assessments of our progress in an effort to ensure continuous improvement and early identification of environmental issues.


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