Industrial Applications

Air crane operations


Helicopters are used as aerial cranes to lift heavy or awkward loads where work sites are inhospitable or inaccessible, or to install heavy equipment on high buildings where conventional cranes are unable to reach. In some cases, using helicopters to transport equipment or machinery is economical when compared with other methods of hoisting and hauling. Our pilots and rigging crews are skilled and experienced in underslung and precision long line services and are able to undertake all kinds of air crane operations. including rooftop installation of HV air-conditioning units, generators, liquid containers, communication antennas and heavy equipment, aerial construction support and asset recovery (aircraft, vehicle or equipment).

Experience, skill and thorough pre-planning ensure that operations are carried out quickly and efficiently while still maintaining the highest standard of safety. All lifts are carefully pre-planned and all involved persons are trained and prepared for their role, as well as in safety and emergency procedures. Our team work with the Customer's Project Leader to identify the most suitable techniques and determine best safe practices.

Air Crane services include but are not limited to:

  • Rooftop Installations (air-conditioning units, generators, liquid containers, communication antenna, heavy equipment, etc.)
  • Aerial Construction support (planting poles, slinging concrete for foundations, tower erection)
  • Asset Recovering (aircraft, vehicle or equipment)


Aerial photography/air filming

Still and motion picture photographic work captured from a helicopter is unequalled. Our mounts are certified for the following systems:

  • Cineflex
  • FLIR Systems
  • Israel Aircraft Industries
  • Polytech Inc
  • Wescam Inc
  • Gyrocam
  • Spectrolab


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