Safety Management Policy

The pillars of a successful air services company are its commitment to safety. A good safety record is no longer a bragging right - safe working is non-negotiable and is a pre-requirement by clients and staff alike.

Our Safety Management System (SMS) was developed to differentiate between knowing we are operating safely as opposed to just believing it. The flight safety records of the company are testimony to our uncompromising safety consciousness.

Some of the measures that we have taken to maintain the highest levels of safety include:

  • We are covered by a Combined Single Limit Third Party and Passenger Liability Policy to the value of USD20 Million.
  • Our crew are covered by an International Medical Evacuation Policy.
  • Standard Equipment on our helicopters include comprehensive 4-day survival packs.
  • All helicopters are fitted with location devices and all flight crew are issued with same.
  • All pilots attend refresher courses in Decision Making, First Aid, Fire Fighting and Dangerous Goods on an annual basis.
  • Any work that we have not previously undertaken is comprehensively researched to find innovative solutions that incorporate best safe working practices. These new processes are documented for future applications.
  • All pilots are required to complete regular proficiency evaluations.
  • All flights are tracked via a real-time satellite tracking programme.
  • A comprehensive Risk Analysis is completed for each project, folloiwng which an Emergency Response Plan is prepared in consultation with all stakeholders.
  • We undergo annual Independent Safety Audits carried out by international aviation risk management firms to ensure that we comply with world best practices.

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